We at Good Beer Week love to share the good. To share it even more we team up with some amazing people to create some fun video pieces for you to enjoy. Check out what we have produced and keep checking back here for new content. 

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How Good Beer Ruined My Life from GOOD BEER WEEK on Vimeo.

Bridge Road Brewers and Good Beer Week teamed up again to capture what all good beer lovers experience at one point. How your life changes when you discover that first taste of mind blowing good beer. Enjoy New McPherson's take on this dilemma with this fun glimpse into Good Beer Week's co founder Miro Bellini's creative mind. Enjoy!

Bridge Road Brewers was conceived by Ben Kraus in 2004/05, in his dad's back shed, Bridge Road Brewers has grown to one of the most recognised craft breweries in the country.

New McPherson is an award-winning video production company that works directly with some of Australia’s largest companies and educational institutions to deliver stunning, thoughtful and effective branded video collateral including online content, TVCs and training and education content. Did we mention they love beer?

Brewers Read Mean Tweets - Good Beer Week 2015 from GOOD BEER WEEK on Vimeo.

Good Beer Week and Bridge Road Brewery pay homage to Jimmy Kimmel's "Celebrities read mean tweets" by producing our own version. From the brewers perspective. They've all had one that just cut straight to the heart, so we thought we would share some of the best with local Melbourne brewers, Mountain Goat, Boatrocker, KAIJU! and Two Birds.

Time Out with Miro - The Time Out Craft Beer Hop Up Bar - Good Beer Week 2014 from GOOD BEER WEEK on Vimeo.

For Good Beer Week 2014, Time Out Melbourne teamed up with the Festival Hub, the Terminus Hotel, Fitzroy North to run the Time Out Craft Beer Hop Up Bar. Fellow Good Beer Week founder Hop Hefner Miro explained what was in store for attendees throughout the 9 days of the festival.

Good Beer Week Presents the Mega Dega from GOOD BEER WEEK on Vimeo.

On the opening weekend of Good Beer Week 2013, the festival presented a truly unique beer degustation.

They paired five chefs from top Melbourne restaurants with five world class brewers from Australia, Italy and Japan and tasked each with creating one course of a five course feast. The aim was to show that not only does beer have a place on the best tables, but that beer and food can be paired creatively with all manner of cuisines; in this case Japanese, Italian, European, Modern Australian and "Other".

Why "Other"? The evening closed with a pairing of a blended barrel-aged sour beer called Mothur Funker with a dessert called Cake & Bacon featuring both cake and bacon, plus much more besides.


A short film by Good Beer Week and Bridge Road Brewers about the beer geeks we all know and love who might sometimes take their craft beer a little too seriously!


From 2012, we look at how this tiny big festival started with a little help from our friends. 

GOOD BEER WEEK promo clip from GOOD BEER WEEK on Vimeo.

Our first ever video produced to promote the festival in 2012. That was a fun weekend with two camera's and a lot of beer.


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