From Home Brewer to Pro Brewer The Cherry Tree Hotel

An unmissable opportunity for any home brewer with commercial aspirations to have one on one Q&A time with an established or up and coming Pro Brewer.

Featuring a speed dating format with the brewers, tap into the tricks of the trade and the hard won experience these pros have gained on their rise to solvency and glory.

This year's lineup features the likes of Two Birds, Boatrocker, Bridge Road, Bad Shepherd, Burnley Brewing, Hop Nation, Bandicoot and Tallboy & Moose.

• Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers - Lex Poulsen (Brewer/Distiller)

• Two Birds Brewing - Richard Chamberlain (Head Brewer)

• Bandicoot Brewing - Bruce & Tracey Green (Owners)

• Burnley Brewing - Michael Stanzel & Neil Mills (Head Brewer & Owner/Brewer)

• Tallboy and Moose - Dan Hall (Owner/Brewer)

• Bad Shepherd Brewing Co. - Craig Blackmore (Brewer)

• Bridge Road Brewers - Trevor Giacomelli (Brewer)

• Hop Nation - Eli Haines & Paul Clarke (Brewers)

*Sample beers from host brewers and a wood fired pizza inclusive.


Mon 13 May 6:30pm-Late
No longer available

The Cherry Tree Hotel

53 Balmain Street
phone (03) 9421 6909


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