Don't Chase Me I'm Full of Chocolate (Dark Beers) The Duke of Wellington

Dark beer gets a bit of a bad rap sometimes but it's such a wonderful thing. It has flavours of chocolate, coffee, caramel and so much more.

In this session you'll get to taste beers like Panhead's Oaked Porter, Little Creatures new seasonal stout and James Squire's From the Wreck. The latter is the only beer in the world to be fermented with a strain of yeast salvaged that was found on a shipwreck just off Tasmania.

For $10, you'll get to taste these incredible beers, guided by the Malt Shovel head brewer, Hayden Morgan.


Wed 15 May 5:30pm-6:30pm
Sold Out

The Duke of Wellington

146 Flinders St
phone (03) 9810 0066

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