It's a Trap...pist Beer DeLuxe Hawthorn

Think you know your Trappist beers? Put your knowledge and palate to the test with our Trappist blind tasting.

Here’s the deal.

We’ll have a table chock-full of some of our finest brews – some Trappist, some not. Your task is to taste them all. Easy right?

Then vote if you think they are Trappist or not. Bit harder, we know. At the end of the tasting, the person with the most correct answers earns themselves an epic prize.

We will have a range of some of the best Trappist beers around, along with some equally delicious non Trappist brews in there just to trap you.

Grazers will also be available so you don’t go hungry.

Be there, or be square.


Sat 18 May 2:00pm-5:00pm
No longer available

Beer DeLuxe Hawthorn

329 Burwood Road
phone (03) 9810 0092


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